Build Facebook Messenger Bot

As we all aware of Facebook launched its messenger bot services In April 2016, we at GeeSolutions were leaders in MENA region to build Facebook bots for the region, we believe that Facebook bots is the future of Customer services in World.
We make sure when build bot to use the finest up-to-date technologies to make sure the bot is stable and serve its main use, we focus on the customer needs and we use the technologies to reach the full satisfaction from the customer (the bot owner) and its customers (the bot users).
When we build bot, we start by the design phase, were we take all the requirements from the bot owner and we draw it by pencil, the real old fashion way, with our expert developers we make this drawing real, we create all scenarios expected for the bot, to make sure you as bot user won’t get nonsense reply. We have our team following any new technology provided by Facebook to keep your bot up-to-date.
After we finish your bot, we have QA team that test the bot, before we deliver it to your ownership, we offer support on the technical part of the bot around the clock, yet we offer to manage your bot.

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