Facebook chatbot in Jordan

Jordan consider as the hub for Technology in Mena region, which lead that there is focus on any new technology, and what better than Facebook chatbot to be focused at.
We at GeeSolutions consider any targeted clients as chance for new Partnership, we built the chatbots based on detailed business analyses to make sure our chatbot will be useful for the business to Max.
We have our own developers and marketing team in Jordan, we target any business of any kind to introduce the chatbot to them, Chatbot is future of customer services, and we do agree that Customer services is the core of any successful business.
In the Jordanian market the competition is real high, and we at Geesolutions work around the clock to provide full support for our chatbots, and to make enhancements to meet the latest updates and features offered from Facebook, and our platform.
Chatbot from Facebook is designed to reduce the customer services agents, this why we do draw all the expected scenarios between the Client and the services provider to make sure the chatbot will reduce as much as we can from the Customer services agents, yet we make sure that the customer of the business will be full satisfied, Facebook is the most used platform in Jordan and as well the Facebook messenger, this lead us to the fact that Facebook chatbots is the most used way of communications in Jordan, and soon the Facebook chatbots will be the leader customer support tool to be used in the region.
At GeeSoultions we believe that your company success it the shortest way to our success.

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