Facebook bot businesses in Dubai

Dubai, land of chances, in such country every single second count, yet you can’t hire 40-50 employees to serve your customers, here comes the idea of Facebook bots for customer services, you need to be connected with your customers 24/7 and on real-time support.
Our company offer variety of choices for bots, either the support bot for your business, or informative bots like (Flight tracker , weather bot, and other more) we do believe that Dubai is the best Place to start bot development in the region, where we are supported by Government value online business and support it, we have in H.E Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed Good example and his hard work on the E – government for Dubai.
Facebook bot for Business, is the key-note in business these days, where you can provide customer services for any number of clients in same time, with less employees, in the old customer services each client needs 1 customer to provide full support, we build our bots not only to replace human support but to be better version of human support, where all the client need will be provided by the bot, and in rare cases when the client reach dead end with the bot, we will provide tunnel to interact with human , which will reduce the customer services agent to be less than 10% of the real number.
In the meantime, where the entire world go to Artificial intelligence, Dubai as usual will be the leaders in this, and the best gate for the AI is Facebook bot, so here we are in Dubai, make sure to serve you and your business to move to the next generation of AI smoothly.

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