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GeeSolutions is the Leader Chatbot Development Company in Dubai and Jordan, we are the pioneers in chatbot development in the region. We at Geesolution work on the chatbot development from scratch, we start with kick-start meeting for the design Phase, we turn the customer needs into charts and plans, based on the design and business needs we start the Art of creating of the chatbot to help you to manage your Facebook inquiries more effectively.
at Geesolutions we make sure to work as the best policies recommended from the vendors of our products, like Facebook, viber, KIK and Telegram, we guarantee that your chatbot is up-to-date to the latest technologies available on market. Our team work around the clock to deliver the chatbots on time as we agree that time is the most major factor in any business success. Our developers are trained and certificated to work on the major vendors in chatbot industry as well Geesolutions in process to be certified Partner with Microsoft in UAE and Jordan..
We use Amazon cloud to host our bot as it’s recommended from Facebook to give you the maximum of Chatbots As last word, Geesolutions is not company that built you Chatbot to server your work, we are business partners, our team work with your company to make sure your chatbot and any other services from our company is useful to your business.

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