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What our Bots can do?

A bot is a software that can automate the chat process with your customers .You can put it on your facebook page to control the chatting of the page. It can be like your new employee that doesnt need a salary and works with extreme efficiency.

Serve everyone!

Bots can serve millions of users in the same time without any delay! Either on facebook or any other social network , bots can reply to all users just like your employee

Power & Speed of light!

Bots answer immediately , correctly and better than any employee you have! The bot intelligence will help it also learn with time.


Bots can be accessed from everywhere on any mobile,tablet or PC. No need to create several apps for several platforms. One time is enough for everything.

Where to use bots?

Bots can be used in almost any type of organization.

chatbot development company


Order food and drinks directly with extreme speed!

chatbot development company in dubai


Be more connected to your patients

chatbot Development Services Dubai


Make your agency services more smoother and faster

Chat bot messenger in Dubai


Communicate more with your customers!

Best Chatbot Creation Agency for your Business


Send the news as soon as they happen to your audience

Best Chatbot Creation Agency in Dubai


Send any type of notification at any time


Take a look at our stars which are online

  • Instant translator the biggest Facebook translator which supports 10 languages . Instant translator has over 750k Users and translated more than 20 million sentences. Instant translator is the most famous bot we have with over 150k likes on facebook

  • Maloma is an interesting bot that sends you a nice fact or weird information every time you ask and it also sends you one every day to start your morning with. Maloma sends daily over 30k info's being one of the best arabic bots

  • Fannan or Artist is a unique bot that shows the capibilities of image processing. Fannan puts special effects and designs over pictures sent to it . Fannan is gaining a very high audience as people are enjoying the idea of image processing without any app.

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